A list of planned creatures for Balzu.


Armor Golem

A golem created from a suit of armor.

Clay Golem

Shaped from clay.

Doll Golem

An animated doll.

Flesh Golem

A lesser golem. Constructed from the remains of the dead and reanimated.


A stone golem. Difficult to construct, difficult to destroy.


A lesser golem. Easy to construct, and easily destroyed.

Wood Golem

Carved from wood.



Albino, wet-looking, blind humanoids that dwell exclusively underground. They are savage animals, and have no technology to speak of. The 'cockroaches' of the underworld. They usually travel in packs.


Tall, thin humanoids with an exoskeleton and no eyes. They use echolocation and emit a 'clicking' sound. They live in remote, wilderness areas, especially marshes, swamps, woods, and rocky badlands. They have a primitive stone age technology and may use stone-tipped spears, clubs, and nets.



Ghosts are the spirits of the dead. They are not necessarily evil, though they are universally troubled and may seek to cause harm to the living.


Creatures that feed on the flesh of corpses, but not above killing and eating a living person. Related to vampires.


A spell-caster who has defeated death and continues to exist physically through occult means even though the body continues to rot.


Flying, disembodied heads with their entrails hanging out. (Also: Leyak, Chonchon.)


Poltergeists are non-human spirits that delight in causing havoc and creating fear in humans. They typically infest locations. They are hard to combat because they are invisible and immaterial and may only be detected and fought using magical means.


The ghost of a powerful spell-caster who is tied to the physical realm.


Undead that feed on the blood of the living, able to disguise themselves as the living.


Undead that are partly physical (like zombies) and partly immaterial (like ghosts). They are typically the immortal guardians of powerful kings, priests, and wizards.


A evil spirit that is like a ghost, but more powerful, and more closely tied to the powers of darkness.


A reanimated corpse (skeleton or zombie). Typically used to guard tombs or the dwelling places of evil spell-casters (living or dead).

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