Borelia is the central region of the Lagar continent, occupying a space of about 3 million square miles (about the size of Australia).

Borelia is bordered on the North by rugged mountains and thick coniferous forests, to the west by vast deserts, to the south by a massive plateau, and to the east by ocean. The climate is generally temperate, though the northern reaches approach the sub-arctic, and the southern the sub-tropical (equivalent in diversity to the region between the Scandinavian territories and the Mediterranean coast).

Borelia has many fertile valleys fed by numerous rivers, broad expanses of deciduous and coniferous forest, vast stretches of plains for grazing and rugged mountains rich in iron, copper, and silver. The eastern coast is a rich source of fish and the basis for a powerful navy. In short, Borelia has everything it needs to be a powerful and vital empire.

Unfortunately, the Borelian Empire is wracked by civil war and competing factions, rife with intrigue, religious cults, secret societies and criminal organizations, all bent on taking a piece of the pie. This constant internal conflict has prevented Borelia from extending its borders into relatively uncivilized regions to the north and west, and from making headway against their enemies, the Montusi, to the south.

For more information about the political organization of this region see: Borelian Empire.

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