Durs is the name the inhabitants of the Balzu setting have given to their world.

Durs has a constitution similar to the Earth's, but has approximately four times the surface area, and approximately the same land to water ratio. (About 65% water, 35% land.) In Durs, everything is just a little bit larger: the mountains are higher, the oceans are deeper, and everything else is scaled appropriately.

Durs has a very thick crust which is also very porous, making it an excellent habitat for creatures dwelling in the underworld. There are cave doles as large as mammoths living in subterranean canyons that stretch for miles, goblins (white skinned, blind, and screeching like bats), gigantic spiders, etc.

Durs has several large continents. Lagar is the largest and stretches from pole to pole, literally bisecting the Western hemisphere. Lagar is home to two very large empires: Montu, a vast, sprawling empire covering countless miles of desert and jungle along the equator, dominated by the Montusi, a magocentric culture dominated by an imperial bloodline of witches; and Borelia, a more densely centralized empire north of the equator whose strength is based more on material wealth and industry, with a large army of well armored soldiers, cavalry, and a strong complement of battle mages. There is another large empire on a neighboring continent, but little is known about them.

Durs is dominated by the human races, but other races exist as well. The elves of Durs bear a strong resemblance to the faerie folk of European lore: small and slight in stature, mischievous, highly magical and elusive. Dwarves also bear a strong resemblance to the dwarves of European lore: short and stout, curmudgeonly, strong and cunning. Many other races exist as well, but the initial release will only support the playing of human races.

World Map

Here is a rough, WIP world map. The continent of Lagar is in the center. The extent of the Borelian empire is highlighted in pink. (Note that this map and all of the location names are subject to frequent change.)

World map of Durs



The Stonelands are a vast expanse of lifeless stony waste. Very few things live in the Stonelands as even what little surface water exists is poisonous (toxic by virtue of the heavy concentration of minerals). There are certain wells of purified water, but they are only known to a few hardy explorers and to the local fauna. Some particularly hardy plants exist but they are tough and rootlike and not edible.

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