The Benize are a free-spirited, nomadic people that travel from place to place in great, colorful caravans or by ships with multicolored sails. They are famed for their beauty and smooth-talking ways, their beautiful, haunting melodies and singing, their whirling, exhilarating dances, and their skill at swindling and pocket-picking.

The Benize have no homeland; instead, they consider the entire world their home and have little respect for political or cultural boundaries. Although they are considered a dangerous and disruptive nuisance by most political authorities, they are often warmly welcomed by peasant populations who are willing to overlook a little thievery in exchange for the mystery and excitement provided by a Benize caravan: musicians, dancers, acrobats, fire-breathers, sword-swallowers, and palm readers complement the fine selection of hand-crafted goods and imports from strange and exotic lands. Because of the beneficial, pacifying effect their visits tend to have on their peasants, most authorities tolerate their presence…under a watchful eye.

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