The Elora are all that remains of a much older civilization predating the Tunisi Empire. Much of their history is a mystery, even to themselves, though they have gone to great lengths to preserve it in song, embroidery, and myth. Most scholars agree that the Eloran ancestors had already abandoned their great cities and temples long before the Tunisi rose to power, and that, in fact, the sudden disappearance of the once great people was the condition that allowed the Tunisi to begin their own great epic of conquest and expansion.

The Elora are famous for their exquisite needlework tapestries, fine garments, woodwork, long, sad ballads, and skill with a sword and bow. The Elora are a kind and gentle race, with no interest in conquest or bloodshed and mingle freely with the other races, though they maintain a homeland of sorts in the rolling, forested hills of the Song Woods. It is rumored that their elders maintain certain mysteries of enchantment which are only revealed to select individuals on passing certain mysterious tests.

Although once powerful, the Elora are considered by most of their contemporaries to be a dying race: great traveling companions, but of no consequence on the world stage. The Elora are typically fair of skin and slender of build with blond hair and blue or green eyes.

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