The Harda are a tribal people inhabiting the Kurzo forest. Although small in stature, they are famous for their bravery, fierceness, and nimbleness. The live in small communities surrounded by wooden palisades, or in extensive tree dwelling networks.

The Harda are led by the eldest pair of shamans: one male, one female who lead the community's spiritual and communal life. In times of conflict, a war chief is selected from among the most capable warriors. War chiefs do not maintain their power and are dissolved of their position by the shamanic pair at the end of conflict.

The Harda are non-gender biased: male and female Harda are equally likely to hunt, gather, care for children, or go to war. This gender neutrality is deeply rooted in their naturalistic religion which observes that males and females of many species are equally capable of performing all of the necessary actions required for survival.

The Harda are masters of stalking and the short bow.

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