The Benize are a nomadic people, traveling in great caravans from kingdom to kingdom. They are famous for their swirling dances, wild music, and heady wine but have an ill reputation as thieves and swindlers.


The Durben are a suspicious and taciturn people, not given to humor or celebration. They live in small, self-sufficient communities, avoiding contact with outsiders. They value hard work, independence, and frugality. The Durben are famous for their courage, tenacity, and directness.


The Elora are known for their fair features and gentle disposition. Although they are given to merriment and celebration, they have a long and tragic history. They are famous for their exquisite needlework, blinding swordplay, and mystical intuition.


The Fera are a fierce, rugged, people dwelling in the cold, forested mountains of Alkan, famous for their bright red hair and freckled skin. The Fera are not given to subtlety or diplomacy, preferring to settle their disputes in public trials of magic or combat.


The Harda are a tribal people inhabiting the Kurzo Forest. Although small in stature, they are famous for their fierceness and bravery. They are exceptionally nimble and proficient hunters and stalkers.


The Katarsi are fond of magic and illusions and have a strong oral and dramatic tradition dating back thousands of years. The Katarsi are notoriously indirect communicators, preferring to tell stories or jokes instead of replying directly to questions.


The Montusi are a semi-nomadic desert people who pride themselves on their art, literature, and religious traditions. Montusi value personal excellence and social consciousness above wealth and status, the pursuit of which they regard as demeaning.


The Paretzi were the first people conquered by the Empire and long-time adversaries of the Talansi. Although most have adapted to life in the Empire, many secret societies and criminal organizations have strong ties to leading Paretzi families.


The Tarskan are fond of opulence and elaborate social arrangements. Although they appear to be overly concerned with wealth and social status to outsiders, they are fiercely competitive and excel in any task they apply themselves to.


The Talansi are the founders of the Empire. A pragmatic, productive and disciplined people, the Talansi pride themselves on their industry and leadership. They prefer rational debate over public displays of emotion.

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